Friday, May 28, 2010

Urgent Care

This week has not been the best week here. Amid car problems and a fussy kid (seriously, the molars started coming in 2 months ago and we still only have 1 all the way through) I tried to put us back on our normal routine and headed to the gym on Wednesday morning.

I have been trying to become a jogger again (I have never been a runner, but I have jogged a half marathon before) so I am starting my cardio on the treadmill everyday. I would love to be jogging a 5K everyday, but so far I have only made my way up to 2.5 miles. But on Wednesday I was feeling pretty well and was certain I was going to get my 5K in, when at 2.25 miles I saw the lady come out of the Kids' Klub make eye contact with me and motion for me to come down.


I just knew that Jacob's fussiness he had at home must have followed us to the gym and he was done. That and the people working there must have been done with him. I felt really bad when I walked in and saw that Jacob's forehead was bleeding. It seems that Jacob had something that another kid wanted so the kid came up behind Jacob and pushed him. He fell face-forward into the corner of the wall. Poor kid.

We ended up at Urgent Care where they were able to put Jacob back together with liquid stitches.

In the process we learned that for some strange reason the urgent care places closest to where we live don't open until noon Monday - Friday. Justin found one online for me that opened at 9, but when I got there the lady acted like I was crazy for walking in and informed me that although they opened at 9 the doctor wouldn't be in until 2:30 and they couldn't see any patients. Yeah, I'm still not understanding why they were open if they couldn't see patients.

At this point it was 11:30 so we decided to head back to the first urgent care place we went to and be the first ones there instead of heading to the ER where the wait would have likely been much longer. That and we only have a $20 co-pay for urgent care, but the ER would have cost Jacob's $300 deductible + 10% of the charges over $300.
And I was very happy that the blood stain came out of his little shorts!


Stephanie said...

Definitely sounds like a rotten week! Molars are the worst plus everything else you had to deal with it. Not fun!

Amy said...

I have never heard of such awful hours for urgent care. Yuck! So glad you didn't have to wait too long or pay for the ER. You may want to check your insurance. I know that if we have an accidental injury that is treated within the first 72 hours, it is generally covered 100%. (Thank goodness for that with Zach and all his injuries.)

christina said...

Poor baby!

In response to your comment on my blog... Drapes were the first things I made when I started sewing again. I used the instructions from a Simplicity Sewing for Dummies pattern. But really it's actually cheaper to BUY drapes, add a block of some fun fabric to the bottom and them hang 'em up high! Learned that one the hard way. :)