Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two months old

On Valentine's Day Jacob turned two months old. Here he is next to his elephant:
It may look like he is sitting up, but I really just snapped the picture in time before he fell over:
Compare how big he is now to how big he was when he was one month old here.

On Monday, Jacob had his two month check-up. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces - he gained 2 and a half pounds in one month (about 40% of his body weight!!!) Jacob is now on the charts - he is 5th percentile for his weight and also for his head circumference which was 37 cm. He is a little on the short side though (just like mommy) and his length is 20.5 inches which is still under the 5th percentile.

Jacob got all kinds of vaccinations at this appointment and did not have a very good couple of days after that. He seems to be doing quite a bit better today which makes everyone at our house feel a bit better.

On Saturday we all went up to Montgomery to celebrate Jacob's great-grandma's birthday. He was a hit and everyone loved holding him:
Above is Jacob with the birthday girl.
Here is Justin's dad and step-mom loving on him.
The 4 generation picture - Justin's grandpa, his dad, Justin and Jacob.The picture above is Jacob holding his own bottle. This happens once in a while when the stars align just the right way and it makes him looks like he is such a big boy to be able to hold up his own bottle.

Jacob still isn't smiling in response to us - only in his sleep, but then again he was only due just over 3 weeks ago so we are hoping to get some smiles out of him in the next couple of weeks. Jacob's biggest feat so far is that on Sunday when he was doing tummy time, he rolled himself over onto his back. He is great at holding his head up for a little while when he is awake and alert, but if he is tired he is like a bobble head doll. So far the longest he has slept at any one time was for 4 hours which means that I got 3.5 hours of sleep at once. I know that I am really hoping to get at least 6 straight hours of sleep sometime soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


For Christmas, Aunt Sheila gave Jacob and his cousin Grant matching outfits.Grant looks like a giant next to Jacob!

Even though you can't see Jacob's face in this one, you can see how huge the outfit is on him.

Today - Jacob almost fits in his outfit!