Friday, August 30, 2013

Things that drive me crazy

The toy box.
The twins started a game about 6 months ago that they thought was really great.  They would take turns emptying the toy box and then one or both of them would get in.  Then they would take turns piling toys into the toy box with whoever was in there (usually Jeremy piled toys in with Joel).

No matter how much fun the game was when they started the end result was always the same: there were toys all over my floor AND at least one kid ended up super upset and crying.
We tried to fix this by moving the toy box to the gameroom upstairs and then almost completely emptying it.  They didn't do it as often, but they still messed with it a lot and ended breaking the toy box.  Now they have no toy box.

Playing on the stairs.
For some reason my boys love to play on the stairs.  I think this originated with Jacob, but now the twins do it too.  If you are wondering why this drives me crazy it is because they always seem to fight over who is on a certain place on the stairs and one or all of them end up crying.  Awesome.  I'm waiting for the day there are broken bones from someone falling down the stairs.
It always starts out okay

How annoying can Joel
Now Jacob has to get involved too
Playing behind the couch.
For some reason it has become really fun to play behind the couch in our family room.  The kids like to stand in the window sill and lean over the couch and watch TV.  Or take all their little cars back there and line them up on the sill.  Like everywhere else they play - they end up fighting about who is in which spot and all around just being upset about life in general.  Not to mention that I am slightly worried about them breaking the window and hurting themselves.

The wrestling.
The boys wrestle all the time.  I hate it.  It always ends in crying, usually from all involved in the wrestling.  The problem is that even once they all get upset about it they. still. won't. stop.  So annoying.  People tell me that it is just life with boys.  Yeah - I remember asking for at least one girl here.

The twins turned 2!

This is Joel laughing at us trying to get him to sit still
And Jeremy crying because we tried to get him to sit still
I feel terrible about the fact that it took me so long to write up a post about the twins turning 2.  And because it took me so long, I can't really remember what milestones they had reached.  I think I'll just write about their birthday, and then another post about them as two and a half year olds.

They loved the birthday balloons
Joel eating homemade healthified banana chocolate chip doughnuts
Jeremy eating doughnuts and bacon
Their birthday was on a Saturday this year and it was a super busy day.  I made the birthday cake and decorated it on Friday.  On Saturday I made a lemon meringue pie for an auction at church, a big huge pot of chili and two batches of cornbread for the chili/cornbread cook-off also at the church that evening (by the way - I've won the cornbread cookoff for something like 3 years in a row).  I missed Jacob's 1pm soccer game (that we were in charge of snacks for) so I could stay home and cook while the twins napped.

"Choo-Choo!  Joel and Jeremy are 2" Pay no attention to my bad handwriting with frosting
I have to admit I was pretty proud of this cake. :)
I like to invite family over for my kids' first birthdays, but for birthdays after that I don't really have a party.  Once I actually have a child who understands birthdays and wants to have parties then I'll have to decide how often I'm willing to throw birthday parties.  But for now I just make them some kind of cake and if family decides they want to come over and join us then they are more than welcome, but I'm not planning out food or anything for a party.  Makes sense, right?
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
"I don't know why Jeremy is crying like that - I'm just playing with a balloon"
That said, my parents like to visit and celebrate all their grandkids' birthdays and it isn't unusual for Justin's dad to drop by if he is in town for the weekend.  So for the twins' birthday we had my parents, Justin's dad and Justin's grandma come by.

Since I only made one cake for the twins to share, I made a handful of cupcakes with my leftover batter so they could each have a candle on their own cupcake.  Jeremy was not happy when he saw his cupcake.  Like Jacob, Jeremy doesn't like frosting.  But overall Jeremy just isn't a big fan of sweets (is he really my child?).  We weren't sure if he wasn't feeling well, or that he was unhappy to see we were giving him a sweet treat he didn't want, but he just cried and cried when we gave him his cupcake.

We're two!!!
First Jeremy just covered his eyes when we gave him his cupcake
Then the screaming started.  Joel wants to know what Jeremy is so upset about when he has a yummy cupcake sitting in front of him.
We saved an unfrosted cupcake for Jacob and he loved blowing out the candles.
I think we did this at least 3 times
He loves blowing out the candles
After cake, the twins opened presents!  They got lots of great stuff from family and they may have been a little overwhelmed by all the new stuff.  Justin and I decided to get them these cool easels from Ikea - they are super affordable.  Sadly they were all sold out of the easels at the Houston Ikea, but luckily they had some up in the Dallas area so Justin's dad was able to pick a couple up before he headed down our way.
Joel handing a present to Jeremy
Jeremy needs a little help getting his present opened
Joel loved the easel
Joel enjoyed opening presents a little more than Jeremy did
We survived the first 2 years with twins.  Let's just hope we can survive the terrible twos times two!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm so far behind on this blog...

After Jacob "played" basketball during the winter season, we decided to sign him up for soccer in the spring.  In all honesty - we didn't really want to sign him up, but all the people on his special education committee at school felt like it is really good for him to spend more time in activities that put him with "on track" kids.  Jacob's soccer season started in February and went until the beginning of April.

Since Jacob was on a team of 4 year olds he had practice once a week and a weekly game (when he played basketball and was on a team of 3 year olds they only had games and no practice).  Sometimes I thought going to practice helped him, most of the time it was just another place to chase him around and try to keep him with his team.

Jacob's favorite parts of playing soccer were probably sitting on the field and finding twigs and pieces of grass to play with so lots of times the coaches would take turns putting him on their shoulders and running around with him.
Jacob "playing soccer"
Both the coach and the assistant coach as well as all the other parents were very patient and understanding with Jacob even though he rarely participated with the other team members when they did little drills, etc.  And although other kids didn't always do what they were supposed to do, Jacob was definitely the only one on the team to never do what he was supposed to do.  Nothing is more eye opening that your kid is different than seeing him next to lots of other kids his age.

Here's Jacob at his first game - hanging out behind the other team's goal

Now just standing next to their goal

Then he just decided he was done and just wanted to sit in the stroller
It only took us 2 games to decide that we were not taking the twins to any more games - it was hard enough to keep an eye on Jacob, but add in the twins and it was definitely no fun.  We ended up either having someone stay home with them each week or checking them into the child watch at the YMCA (where the games were and we are members) for future games.

For the end of the season I volunteered to make cupcakes for Jacob's team party.  Sadly Jacob ended up being sick and didn't get to go to his own party, so Justin and I just dropped the cupcakes off for everyone else.
I made the edible soccer balls and left one cupcake frosting free for Jacob because he hates frosting, but he never felt well enough to eat it