Friday, June 7, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I decided that we (we meaning me) were going to make super cute Valentine's for Jacob's class.  Then Jacob's teachers suggested that we send Valentine's for the morning class in addition to just the afternoon class that Jacob was in.  All the students, plus all the teachers, plus the bus helpers, plus Jacob's speech therapist and we (I) had a lot of Valentine's to make.
It takes lots of time to make lots of bees
Jacob attached most of the eyes and even wrote his name on the back of some of them
Besides the Valentine's for Jacob to give to people, I decided that the rest of the day would be very low key - Justin wouldn't be getting home from work until it was time to take Jacob to soccer practice so it wasn't like we would have time to make it a special day.  Plus we had bought a new entertainment console to replace our old, cheap armoire that held our old TV so we had decided that piece of furniture was our Valentine's gifts.

But then Justin had an appointment in the afternoon and he left work early.  So I decided (last minute) that we would do a little something special.  I made Justin's favorite kind of bouquet for him to eat and some sugar cookie dough so we could do sugar cookies with the kids.
Bacon bouquet
It ended up being a crazy evening anyway because Justin's appointment took longer than we thought so I ended up trying to get the kids to work on the sugar cookies by myself which didn't work out all that well, but at least the boys look super cute.
Look at these cuties
Joel loved eating the dough more than any other part of this activity

The rest of the night was a rush of dinner, soccer practice for Jacob and once the kids were in bed, watching a little TV.  We did make time before taking Jacob to soccer practice to give the kids these cute little frog chairs as their Valentine's gifts.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

White Christmas

The Sunday before Christmas while the twins napped we put together my mom's gingerbread house kit, in preparation of putting together the gingerbread train kit that I had brought up from home.  Jacob helped a little bit, but he wasn't all that interested.  Then we never got to the gingerbread train.
Our gingerbread house
On Christmas Eve, we decorated edible Christmas trees.  I don't remember if Jacob was into it or not.  Joel definitely enjoyed eating his tree and Jeremy wasn't a big fan of the activity at all.
Jeremy wants to know if this activity is over yet
I think Jacob enjoyed eating the M&M's more than anything else
Joel says "Mmm - yummy"
Jeremy looking all cute while Joel eats yummy sugar
My finished tree
That evening the boys got to open up new pajamas and then we drove around my parents' neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.  We didn't drive around for long, but I think all the boys really liked it.
Jacob (Joel in the back)
 That night, Santa came!  (Santa decided to bring the boys almost all their gifts because they were a little difficult for us to wrap - thank you Santa!)
The kids loot from Santa and us
Jeremy checking out his stocking
The world's least expensive Dyson ever - and the kids loved it
Joel and Jeremy opening presents

We were all super spoiled and got lots of goodies.

That afternoon the cold weather paid off and we got a white Christmas in Texas!!!  The boys loved running around in the snow - especially Jacob.
I wish this picture weren't blurry - Jacob is smiling soooo big!
Jeremy's first snow
All 4 little boys (cousin Grant in the red coat)
Joel's first snow
Even though I felt pretty miserable thanks to the flu, overall it was a good Christmas.