Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little more about our Halloween

Jacob has strong opinions about when something is correct and when it isn't.  And he knew that the skeleton outfits I had for them to wear for Halloween were pajamas so therefore it wasn't right to wear them anytime besides after bath and before bed.  This caused quite the problem when we wanted him to dress as a skeleton any other time.

It was a battle to get him to wear his skeleton pajamas to our fall festival and trunk or treat at church the Saturday before Halloween, but we thought that once he stopped fighting it that he was ok with it.

But Halloween morning he wouldn't get dressed in his skeleton pajamas for the book character parade at school.  Luckily they were able to dress him as a firefighter once he was at school.  Sadly, the pictures disappeared off my camera about a week after I took them. :(

That evening we carved a couple pumpkins, but the boys weren't all that interested.  And since our boys go to bed fairly early (and REALLY don't handle staying up late very well) we bathed them early and dressed them in their skeleton pajamas so we could go trick or treating.

We definitely need some more practice at carving pumpkins

The good news was that our plan worked!!!  By bathing the kids before going trick or treating Jacob was ok with putting on his pajamas and didn't cry, fight or scream at all.  We weren't sure if would go over very well and we were a little afraid that Halloween would end up a nightmare so we were so happy that is wasn't.