Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our new ride

The biggest item on our need-to-purchase-before-the-twins-arrive list was a bigger vehicle. Seriously - compact cars really weren't made for anyone with kids and the last 21 months have been tough anytime we wanted to go out of town. Especially when the entire backseat is taken up by a dog and a baby and the trunk really doesn't hold much more than 2 carry-on sized bags and a pack and play.

I know some people feel like they don't want to drive a minivan, as if it gives off a certain impression or something. Justin and I have never felt that way. Maybe we are just too practical, but we always knew that one day after we started having kids we would get a minivan.

We planned to get a minivan by the end of the year and we had been checking prices for the last few months and just getting an idea of what was out there, what we could afford, etc. Then just over a week ago, we were trying to attach a new sun shade to Jacob's window in the back of the Focus and the motor on the window gave out. The window kept sliding down as we drove and we kept having to push it up and closed every time we stopped.

We decided that it just didn't make sense to pay to fix the window on a car we were planning to replace in the next couple months anyway. And yes - we replaced the Focus and not the Civic, even though the Focus was younger and had fewer miles. We bought the Focus 6 years ago because we could afford it and it got good reviews online, but for a number of years now we have hated that car and all the problems we had with it. So we stepped up our search for a minivan.

Justin took the day off work on Thursday, and even though it was a long day (just ask Jacob how long the day was), we came home with what Justin has referred to as our "Seminole van" because of its color.

It is a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L with just over 47K miles. We got a really good deal on it and even though it doesn't have some features that would be nice (like a back-up camera), it has every feature we were wanting - including a warranty on the engine and transmission for as long as we own it (which will be a long, long time).

We have already taken a day trip to Austin and we are still in love with it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gearing up

When Texas had its back-to-school tax-free weekend, there was one thing that I knew we needed. Lots of diapers. We hadn't announced it to the world yet, but we knew we were expecting twins which means we would be going through lots and lots of diapers.
We ended up spending about $300 on diapers that weekend (so we saved about $24 in taxes plus I had about $25 worth of coupons - I am always of the opinion that if it is something you know you need and not just want then spending money to save money is always smart). We got about 3-4 months worth for Jacob. But for the twins we came away with only about a month's worth. When Jacob was newborn, he went through about 10-12 diapers a day, so we are guessing that a box of 84 newborn diapers will only last us about 4 days.

We got 4 boxes of newborn diapers, 4 boxes of size 1, and a thing of 2's and 3's in addition to all the size 4's we got for Jacob.

We know we have lots more diapers to buy in addition to other things like a second high chair, second pack and play, triple stroller, second infant car seat. There's probably more. Maybe I should make a list.