Monday, March 15, 2010

The first haircut

We broke down and took Jacob in for his first haircut on Saturday. His hair was always in eyes and at times it was looking like it was out of control, at other times it didn't seem too long at all.
Here is his before shot:

We took him to Cool Cuts for Kids because we knew that they would cater to a little one, but I really think that $18 is too much to spend to get his hair cut. I guess we'll figure out what to do next time when the time comes.

He loved the little car they had him sit in.
In fact, he didn't pay any attention to the little TV that was playing right in front of him, he just kept steering the little firetruck and trying to reach forward to ring the bell. I think that Jacob may be a little smaller than most of the kids that come in because they brought over an extra cushion to put in the bottom of the car so his feet wouldn't be dangling. That may have been a mistake though because he kept trying to stand up and crawl over the top to get to the bell.
We were definitely the cheesy parents there with both a video camera and a still shot camera. After a little while Jacob started to get super frustrated that we weren't just letting him play with the car so I put the camera away and had to hold him back so he could get his hair cut. Justin got all the fun and commotion on video, but I can't remember how to transfer the video images to the computer.

And some after shots (sorry about his runny nose - yuck!).

Friday, March 12, 2010

Like Brothers

We love the fact that in a lot of ways, Jacob and Colby are like brothers. Colby seems to like Jacob and is often times jealous that he gets to go with us anytime we leave the house. Jacob just loves Colby and laughs at him, plays with him, etc.

Yesterday Colby was laying on the floor and Jacob decided to join him. Amazingly I was able to get a couple pictures before either of them got up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Jacob, Colby and I headed over to Austin on Tuesday to see my mom who is watching my nephew Grant while my sister and her husband spend a week in Hawaii (rough life for my sister, right?). I wanted to get some cute pictures of the two cousins playing together, but that ended up being easier said than done.

Here is the best I got of Jacob and Grant together:
"Grant - look at Aunt Julie!" seems to be synonymous with "Grant - run away from Aunt Julie!"

Check out Jacob's hair in the picture above. We know we need to get it cut. It is starting to curl up in the back. But I love it right now and I know that once we cut it, he will look more like a little boy than a baby.I'm not ready for him to not be a baby!