Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Joel and Jeremy!!!

12 Months old!!!
It has been a long, difficult, trying year.  But the babies have now been with us for a year - check out how they have grown!  (Joel is always on the left, Jeremy always on the right.)
2 Weeks old

1 Month old
2 Months old
3 Months old
4 Months old

5 Months old

6 Months old

7 Months old

8 Months old

9 Months old
10 Months old

11 Months old
The normal 12 month update will happen later - maybe a separate entry for each baby.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First haircuts for the twins

When the twins were born with tons of hair and didn't lose much of it I kept saying that they wouldn't get haircuts until they were a year old.  After all, it can totally change how they look once they get their hair cut.  Jeremy's hair kept getting longer and more out of control and I kept saying I wanted them to be one before their hair was cut.  But each day that passed his hair kept getting more and more annoying to him and to us.  We pulled it back with a clip when he ate to keep it out of his way, but he hated it and always tried to put it out, getting food all in his hair.

Then I realized that their birthday weekend will be super busy and we wouldn't be able to take them until a week after their birthday.  And I knew I couldn't take it anymore.  Especially since we've all had colds and having to see his hair plastered to the snot on his face was too much.  So, we decided 5 days before their first birthday was close enough.

Joel definitely could have waited a while to have his hair cut, although it was getting a little long in the back and over his ears.  But if we were doing one, we should do them both.  Jacob also got his hair cut too, but he has had quite a few haircuts at this point so we weren't so focused on getting pictures of him yesterday.

Jeremy's before picture - poor kid always had his hair in his face lately

Can you see how long his hair was? Wow!

I think he was so happy because he knew his hair wouldn't be in his face anymore.
Check out all that hair!!

Jeremy's after picture - amazing difference.

Joel's before picture - he really didn't NEED his hair cut like Jeremy did, but you can see it kind of long over his ears, you can't see that it is kind of long in the back

Joel was a little more leery to be having his hair cut
Not nearly as much hair as Jeremy left behind

Joel's handsome after picture