Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It has been a couple years, so just a reminder that we are attempting to stay a little private without having a private blog. When leaving comments or linking to our blog from yours, please do not use our last name.


This summer

Since classes started yesterday and my summer is now officially over I thought I would write a little something about what my summer was like.

This summer I did not:
  • take Jacob out to play as much as I thought I would or as much as I should have
  • work on making my curtains
  • keep my house as clean as it should be
  • organize any of the things I planned to organize around the house
  • bake much bread
  • work out after July 1st
  • pretty much do anything productive

This summer I did:
  • have about 15 doctor appointments
  • spend much of the last 8 weeks laying on the couch
  • spend the 4th of July weekend in bed
  • take medications from almost the beginning of my summer break until last week

What has been going on around here this summer?

Here are pictures of our two little embryos on July 2 - just minutes before embryo transfer.

And here are our two beautiful babies just yesterday. Top picture is Baby B and bottom picture is a profile shot of Baby A as well as the top of Baby B's head.

Our twins are officially due March 22, 2011. We are hoping they don't try to make an appearance any time before February 15th (35 weeks).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jacob is a nut

Over the last month or so, I've been taking pictures of the strange things our son does.

He loves to put these Rubbermaid containers on his head and walk around. There is one that is too small to fit on his head, so if he picks that one up and it won't go over his big noggin, he starts crying.

He loves to push Colby's big container of dog food all around the kitchen.
We think he likes cake, but he has really only had cake at his birthday and then he got a cupcake leftover from a baby shower I helped throw. What a waste of a cupcake, Jacob.
Lately when we give him his bath, he likes to lay down on his tummy in the tub. It would be much better if he would lay back on his back and let us rinse the shampoo from his hair.

Back in May we moved the coffee table in the living room out from the center of the room to right under the front window make room for tables. Then we decided to just leave it so the room was more open. But when Jacob started doing this recently, Justin moved the table back to the center of the room.

We loaned Jacob's Bumbo to a friend and recently got it back. Ever since getting it back, Jacob loves to sit in it.

And this is when he realized I was taking his picture so he made a cheesy face for the camera.

Jacob has learned how to pull himself up on the piano bench and he loves to play the piano. Let's hope that continues and he doesn't fight too much when I want him to take lessons.

Jacob loves playing with wheels, so someone taught him that if you tip the stroller over, you can play with the wheels. I can pick the stroller up and about 10 minutes later, I hear it crashing back to the floor again.

Jacob is such a nut!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bad hair day

Last week Jacob woke up with his hair sticking up every which way. After wetting it down and brushing it twice, I finally got it calmed down to this: