Sunday, March 2, 2008

Almost Spring Break!

I feel like I am a student again - counting down the days until Spring Break. It isn't just me though - since Justin is taking 7 days off work, he is also counting down the days. He has a 4 day workweek this week, he is taking all next week off, and the Monday of the next week. He is taking more time off than me!

The past couple weeks have been busy for us. Just over a week ago we both joined the gym. Then we also signed up for personal training sessions for the next year. I will be meeting with a trainer once a week and Justin once every two weeks. I decided that I needed more time with a trainer than he did because I am so out of shape. It is sad to think that cardio for me used to mean jogging 5-10 miles. Now I walk (not even speed-walk) 2 miles and I am done. Yeah - I am trying to work on that. In my dreams - this is what I will look like when all is said and done.

In reality though I am hoping to just get back to about where I was when Justin and I got engaged.

For my first session with the trainer, he had me do a few variations on squats. For over 2 days after that, I had difficulty standing up, walking and especially going up and down stairs. I have done a few upper body workouts since then and they have been breezes compared to the squats!

Here's to keeping up with working out!