Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Record snowfall

Last week Justin had 3 days worth of training in Dallas. Luckily, it just so happened that I was scheduled to give a test on Wednesday night, so I got a sub and we all headed up to my parents' Monday night when I was done with class. I hate getting subs when I actually have material to teach - they never teach what I ask them to so I try really hard to only miss class if there is an exam.

We knew it was going to be cold while we were up there, but on Tuesday we learned that it might snow on Wednesday night or on Thursday. Wednesday night the weather people said that we should expect about 1 inch of snow during the night and maybe another 1 - 3 inches on Thursday.

When Jacob woke up sometime around 5am everything outside was covered in maybe an inch of two of snow. It was kind of exciting because now that we are in the Houston area we never get to see snow on the ground. In fact, even though it snowed at our house a little the beginning of December, none of it stuck.

When Jacob woke up again around 7:30, this is what it looked like just outside of the house:

A couple hours later, as it approached naptime for Jacob, I decided that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take him out to play in the snow. I dressed him in layers but sadly didn't have any gloves for him (why would I? We live in Houston!!!).

As soon as I tried to stand him up outside, he went down on all fours and started crying, probably because the snow was so cold on his hands.

My dad made a snowman and kept trying to get Jacob to stand up next to it, but he refused to stand up on his own.
FYI - if your yard is covered in leaves when it snows, then your snowman ends of covered in leaves.

Jacob was outside "playing" for no more than 5 minutes, but he made it very clear to us that he was done.

Colby couldn't make his mind about the snow, he went back and forth between loving to run around in it and then not wanting to be outside.

It continued to snow ALL DAY LONG. The next day they said that a new record had been set at DFW for the most snowfall in a 24 hour period - 12.5 inches. I attended BYU for 4 years. I'm pretty sure I never saw it snow so much in one day until last Thursday.


Amy said...

Cute pictures of Jacob, though he doesn't look very happy to be in them. Wow - that's a lot of snow. Our snow has finally melted, but we are experiencing the yucky inversion stuff I hate. . . wishing for TX weather.

Richard said...

Jacob definetly was not fond of the snow once he touched it. So glad you could come. We loved having you here.