Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Summer 2011

We recently were told a really cute story about Jacob that we weren't aware of before, and I just had to document it. The other day the kids were playing outside and a couple of Jacob's things ended up in our backyard neighbor' yard. When Justin went over to recover the items our neighbor, Holly, told him this story.

Just a little background first.

When the twins were born our lives were thrown into complete chaos. Poor Jacob was often left to entertain himself and play alone while I cared for the twins. As long as the weather was nice in the afternoons, Jacob would play in the backyard. He could frequently be found at the fence, putting leaves or blades of grass through any gaps or holes in our standard 6 ft tall wooden fence. One day he came in very upset and I realized he had been taking his spoons outside and putting them through the fence into our backyard neighbor's yard. I didn't want to load up all the 3 kids to go over and try to get the spoons back so we just waited for Justin to get home from work and he went over and retrieved the spoons.

This must have happened sometime after that.

Holly was working out in her garden or yard and when she looked up she noticed a little set of eyes watching her through the fence. She said hello, but normal for Jacob, he didn't respond. A little while later, she looked up to see a little hand holding out a little flower through a small hole in the fence. She took the flower and thanked him but Jacob just ran off.

A couple more times after that Holly would be doing some work out in her garden and she would notice that Jacob was back at the fence again, holding out a little flower for her.

So sweet.


Amy said...

What a precious story - thanks for sharing. Those kind of good stories about the great things our kids do melt our hearts.