Sunday, January 25, 2015

Easter 2014

Easter weekend was also the weekend of my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. We decided that all the grown-ups would go out for a nice dinner together on Friday, April 18th (the night before their anniversary). We went to Texas De Brazil in Fort Worth - it was very yummy and I think we all ate way too much.
Fuzzy and Rick is totally washed out in the backrow, but this was our crew at dinner
But earlier that day we had an Easter egg hunt with my sister's 2 kids. Joel was the most interested in the egg hunt out of our 3 boys.

The next morning we took the boys to ride a train in Fort Worth. We had to wait a while for the train to get there, but it was a nice little ride and super inexpensive.

That night we had the boys set out their Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to come the next morning. We put the boys to bed and about 10 -15 minutes later Jacob got up and was very intent on checking out his Easter basket. We were pleasantly surprised because this was one of the first times that Jacob has shown eagerness or excitement about a holiday.

Luckily we easily got him back to bed and actually to sleep this time so that the Easter Bunny could come.

The boys were really excited to see their goodies the next morning.

The twins were really excited about the puzzles they got
Jacob was really excited about his Planes underwear
We drove back home on Easter which we are never doing again. Driving back home on Sundays is hard enough because there aren't any ChickFilA's open for the kids to play, but since it was Easter there were so many places closed.