Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family pictures

We wanted to have our family pictures taken in November but I didn't call and schedule in time to get a November date. My friend, Laura, is an amazing photographer and I need to keep that in mind next year when I want to schedule our family pictures - her calendar fills up too fast!

Luckily we were able to have our pictures taken the first Saturday in December - barely in time to get Christmas cards out before Christmas and before Jacob got pneumonia.

It is hard for me to pick my favorites, but here are some of them. I posted all of the pictures on facebook.

Some of my cute little man:

Love this one of my two guys together:
Not sure if you can tell, but I'm pretty pale in this last one. This was snapped right before I realized that I was done. I had no energy left and had to call it quits on our photo session and actually lay down for a few minutes. Being pregnant with twins is hard!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Jacob as a 2-year-old

Jacob has grown up so much in the last year.

Talking: Jacob doesn't have any words that he says, but that kid loves to babble at times. He doesn't even have a name for me or Justin.

Eating: A year ago we couldn't get Jacob to eat solids at all and he lived off of formula. Now he eats 3 meals a day and drinks less than 20 ounces of milk a day (as the pediatrician recommended) but he is seriously one of the pickiest eaters ever. He won't touch a fruit or vegetable - we even tried to give him freeze-dried apple crisps that looked like the baked chips he loves and he wouldn't even put it in his mouth. He has about 3 different things that we rotate feeding him for dinner.

Understanding: We can tell that even though Jacob doesn't talk, most of the time he understands what we say to him or at least a majority of what we say to him. A year ago, it seemed that he didn't understand anything we said to him.

Watching: For a long time Jacob has liked having the They Might Be Giants kids' DVDs on in the background, but now he has a few shows that he really loves and will actually watch them. He loves to watch Thomas and Friends that comes on PBS and he loves the movie Bolt. He also really likes Cars and Monsters, Inc.

Playing: Jacob really isn't much for playing with other kids right now, but he loves for adults to play with him. He also loves to be outside and play on the slide, swing or just wonder around and stick grass through the holes in the fence. He loves bubbles and is really happy about the bubble machine he got for his birthday.

Things Jacob likes: Jacob loves to "help" in the kitchen and will get upset if he isn't allowed up on a stool or chair to help or if he didn't get to help enough. Jacob loves books and will have me read him the same books over and over. He has been known to request me to read the same book to him 10 times in 1 day, even with other books sitting nearby.
Jacob and my pregnant belly

Jacob is 2!

Justin and I decided a few months ago that we would keep Jacob's birthday really low-key this year. He didn't understand it was his birthday and we had a big party for him last year. We decided we would just have cake as a little family and give him a couple birthday presents. Because of my lack of energy and terrible carpal tunnel we were going to pick up a cake at the store. My parents wanted to come down and see Jacob to wish him a happy birthday and my mom offered to help me make a cake for Jacob, so we celebrated his birthday the Saturday before his birthday (3 days early).

The bad news is that Jacob started getting sick a week before his birthday and was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia on Thursday the 9th. So on Saturday he was still feeling pretty miserable. He was able to enjoy part of opening his presents, but he didn't enjoy his cake at all. Which made me a little sad because I think it turned out really cute.
Here is Jacob while we were singing happy birthday to him. Our singing must have been really bad.
The next night he was feeling a lot better and was able to enjoy his cake a little.
On Jacob's actual birthday (Tuesday the 14th), we sang to him again and let him try to blow out his candle. Instead he tried to grab the flame.
We also tried to take a picture of him with his elephant. He thought it was a big game.
Good thing we won't be attempting another picture with Jacob and his elephant for another year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I know I'm quite a bit behind, but thought I would post some pictures of the cutest turtle ever.
And some of Jacob's other Halloween clothes.