Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summer Part 1 (2013)

The first part of our summer seemed to fly by! Jacob finished up his school year sometime around June 5th or 6th. A week later we headed up to Dallas for the weekend. Justin and I treated ourselves to a concert with a couple of our favorite bands for our anniversary and the tour was starting in Dallas about a week after our actual anniversary. We headed up there on on Friday, June 14th after Justin got home from work. We went swimming on Saturday, then on Monday played with some friends and our concert was Monday night.  
Guster started out the concert and stole the show!
We weren't so impressed with Ben Folds Five - we aren't as familiar with their stuff
We headed home on Tuesday, the 18th and Justin got hard to work studying for a part of the Certified Internal Auditor exam he was taking the next Monday (the 24th). (He passed it, by the way.  Yay!!)

Justin's mom flew in to visit us on Friday, the 21st, and stayed with us until Monday July 1st. Because Justin had already scheduled his exam and time off to study for it before we knew when his mom would be coming, he was stuck at work trying to catch up on things. We tried to do some fun things while she was here like taking the kids to the park and to a splash pad, but I was also busy making cupcakes for one baby shower and helping to host another. It was a super busy time!
Presents from Gramma Jan
"Helping" to decorate cookies
This one is just eating cookies
This one isn't sure what to do
Cookies I decorated for the shower
Then we left again when Justin got off work on July 3rd and headed up to Dallas (again). We usually go up to Dallas for the 4th of July because it is Justin's dad's birthday. However this year we were thinking that we wouldn't go because we had just been there a few weeks before. That was until we realized that it wasn't just any birthday, but a 60th birthday and there would be a big birthday party and then we just had to go. Plus I was in charge of making the birthday cakes (that I didn't take any pictures of, but they definitely weren't fancy).

We came back home on July 7th and realized we had just blown through the first month of summer break!