Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween this year was not a whole heck of a lot of fun, but hopefully as our kids get older things will greatly improve.  

I didn't get a single picture taken of the kids on Halloween.  Justin left work about a half hour early so we could take the kids to our neighbors before it went too far past the twins' bedtime.  Sadly, traffic was horrible, so instead of getting home a half hour earlier than normal he got home a half hour later than normal.  I had all the kids in costumes and was trying to keep the peace while we waited for Daddy to make it home.  Pretty much as soon as he made it home we walked back out the door and since we had no one here to take the picture of us holding the babies to keep them from crying, no pictures from that night.  Luckily, I took pictures of the kids before Halloween.

Joel is in the Pooh outfit - Jeremy is in the Tigger outfit.  (How did we decide who would be what?  I decided based on how many letters are in their names).

Jacob was Scooby Doo, thanks to our good friends who lent us a costume for him.

Jacob and I at our ward Trunk or Treat - too bad they didn't even start it until 7pm so he was super tired while we were there.

We did get Halloween pajamas for each of the boys.

I really wanted to find another skeleton outfit for the babies.  I really thought it would be easy to find one really similar, if not completely identical, to the one I had for Jacob 2 years ago.  No such luck.  So the babies had to take turns being a skeleton.


White Folk said...

I am telling you sista those kids are just too stinkin' cute! And I know what you mean about trying to, "have fun," past their bed time. That translates to NO FUN for ANYONE! :)