Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lazy (and silly) Sunday mornings

With the new year our church time changed from 9am to 1pm. Although we aren't especially happy about it, it does have its benefits.

We love to spend the morning lounging around in pajamas, playing with Jacob and being silly. And we especially love the fact that I have plenty of time to make breakfast (this past Sunday I made waffles for the first time in YEARS).

Here are just a few of the silly pictures we have taken to document our silliness. (Luckily, I am the photographer.)

Jacob has taken to making some of the funniest faces lately. We aren't sure if it is his way of letting us know his gums are bothering him or what.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Holidays

Our Christmas didn't go quite as I had planned. We all woke up with colds and not feeling so well Christmas morning - you'll notice in the pictures below that the ones from Christmas morning have our little boy with a really red nose.

I bought all of us new red pajamas and planned to take a little family picture of us Christmas morning in our pjs. But when Jacob woke up Christmas morning his diaper had leaked and he was soaked. Here is the picture that we took of us a couple weeks after Christmas when I had washed all the red clothes. This picture was still taken in the morning, so I think it leaves much to be desired as far as my appearance.
We had celebrated Christmas with my family the day we had Jacob's birthday party and were heading up to Justin's grandparents' to celebrate Christmas with them once we got ready for the day so we kept things really low-key at our house.

Santa brought Jacob his very own chair that matches our family room furniture.
I don't think Jacob really "gets" the chair. He likes to push it around and climb in it, but he only sits in it for a few seconds when we put him in it before he slides out. However I feel pretty certain that once there is a second little one around here and they are old enough to realize it, they will argue over who gets to sit in the chair.

As I said, we kept things really low-key. Jacob got a stuffed LeapFrog dog from us that we have programmed with his name.

And he got a neat helicopter from his Uncle Eric and Aunt Joanna.
It may sound like Jacob didn't get much but this is just Christmas morning at our house. Between his birthday and all the other Christmas presents he received, he has plenty to play with.
What a sad runny nose Christmas morning!

And here is a picture that I wanted to take Christmas morning, but it had to wait until Jacob's pajamas had been washed.